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The price Samsung have to pay for ripping off Apple’s design

March 12, 2014

Florian Muller writes:

A damages expert will argue on Apple’s behalf that, if the parties had acted reasonably and rationally in a hypothetical negotiation, Samsung would have agreed to pay $40 — forty dollars! — per phone or tablet sold as a total royalty for the five patents-in-suit, which relate to (but don’t even fully monopolize) the phone number tapping feature, unified search, data synchronization, slide-to-unlock, and autocomplete.

It’s not rational nor a reality distortion, it’s perfectly make sense. It has been Apple’s goal, in this particular case was the late Steve Jobs’ personal goal, to show Samsung that the price for ripping off Apple’s design is not cheap. If only Samsung came clean from the start, or when Apple nicely asked the Korean company back then, then perhaps Apple would have asked a lot less than $40.

And let’s not forget Apple’s main reason, for the court purpose, to pursue this case is based on monetary damages. So $40 (per device) pretty much sums it up.

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