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Xiaomi shamelessly flaunts its upcoming iMitation Pad

May 16, 2014

Kaylene Hong’s (The Next Web) impression of Xiaomi’s tablet:

The Mi Pad deliberately designed with the exact same form factor as the iPad Mini. The fact that Xiaomi freely admits to taking design tips from Apple is baffling, because it lends to the suggestion that the Mi Pad is a cheaper and less impressive version of the iPad.

And here’s Jonny Evans (Apple Must) expresses his feelings of this slavish copying product:

Apple must be pissed. I would be. Any reasonable person who cares about human achievement should be. It means there’s no protection for your ideas any more. In the long run there’s no point having them. 

Pissed? Not even close, Xiaomi will pay.

By the way, kudos to Jonny for the “iMitation” moniker.


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