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About the WWDC 2014 announcements

June 5, 2014

Year after year, the WWDC proves to become a massive developers event. What Apple announced at yesterday WWDC is too much to dissolved in a day, let alone in a short blog post, but it’s also an understatement to say the WWDC is all about developers since end users can get a glimpse of what’s coming in the next iOS 8.

Even though Craig Federighi discussed about the upcoming OS X Yosemite first at the beginning of the WWDC ’14, it’s no doubt the center of attention is iOS. The most shocking feature in Yosemite is the automatic pairing of your iPhone/iPad with your Mac, in the most seamless way your Mac suddenly become a huge phone sitting pretty on the desk, and vice versa; you can continue the works if you decided to pick-up the iPhone and go. Apple upped the iBeacon one level, previously only usable by businesses now it’s even useful in day-to-day usage at home, one more reason for you to keep the iPhone’s Bluetooth always turned on.

Talking about iOS 8, there are three important features I’d like to emphasize: First, Touch ID can now be accessed by apps which means no more forgetting long passwords especially the ones you rarely use. And it’ll be only a matter of time for Apple to open up the Touch ID API for paying purchases within the apps, soon the banks will follow suit.

Second, the HealthKit. The long rumored iWatch was not present at the WWDC stage, but instead Apple has finally unveiled its intention to penetrate the health-business that’s embroiled with too many non-standard technologies, the iWatch rumors will get a lot worse from now on.

The last one is HomeKit, unexpectedly Apple has set its eye on home automation, nobody saw this coming and we’ll have to see how this one pans out since this is the first inception of Apple’s long plan to tie-up the whole home experience, starting with OS X Yosemite’s pairing with the iPhone.

With all of those new features in iOS 8, Samsung is definetely freaking out. Samsung is relying on Google to improve the Android to play catch-up, while Google can’t add the same features just for the sake of competition alone. Tizen? Samsung’s homegrown mobile OS is far from mature, and it’ll be way too long to get where iOS or Android is.

Phil Schiller is right: “Can’t innovate anymore, my ass.

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