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The iWear and Beats acquisition connection

June 9, 2014

I’ve taken my time thinking upon Beats acquisition, I knew there’s something else behind the sudden purchase by Apple which rarely acquire a high-profile company. The news was mostly been covered by lots of tech media, talked about, reasoned, and they even predicted how Apple will be planning to use Beats into both of its products and/or exec line-ups. I say hogwash, and decided to wait until things cleared up a bit more.

Apparently my patience is paying off, after watching what Apple unveiled at WWDC ’14, and the latest rumors regarding the so called “iWatch” (and as always Philip Elmer-DeWitt dissected them best), I believe I can gauge what Tim Cooks and friends got in store for the upcoming iWear*.

Yes it’s wearable, yes it will have tiny sensors primarily for health purposes, and yes it will definitely look way better than whatever health-wear products being offered today (yeah, I’m looking at you Samesung).

These of course are no brainer since Apple has been hiring non-stop for tech engineers specializing at health-sensors, few of them are even high-profile engineers and patent owners of the respective field. And there was the hiring of Paul Deneve, former chief of Yves St Laurent Group, working on special projects and reporting directly to Tim Cook himself.

Then came iOS 8 officially announced at WWDC ’14, with it comes plenty of features needed for an iWear to work flawlessly:

  • The HealthKit, this is the most glaring omission in the event, indicating of the upcoming product.
  • Continuity to work with OS X Yosemite, your Mac can immediately connect and start talking to the iWear without any wires or connection setup, no hassle especially since the iWear’s screen will be much smaller than the iPhone.
  • App Extensibility, an important feature in the new SDK so apps can collect data from HealthKit.
  • Contacts shortcut on multitasking screen, again with such small screen user can quickly reach favorite contacts without diving into the Contacts app.
  • Messages with voice, now user can just send voice messages since there’s no way to type on the iWear miniature screen.
  • Hey Siri, the voice activated Siri comes just in time to confirm the iWear.
  • Widgets, it may not exactly what we’ve seen in most Android phones but it will be Apple’s own kind of widgets that works with the iWear. Now we know why it took so long for Apple to put widgets in iOS.

Excited? One thing for sure Apple is, as per rumor that came in at the end of this week from Yuichiro Kanematsu (Nikkei Asian Review):

Apple appears confident of the new product. According to a parts manufacturer, it plans monthly commercial output of about 3-5 million units, which exceeds the total global sales of watch-like devices last year.

I know I am.

So where is exactly the Beats acquisition fits into the whole iWear puzzle? I believe Apple bought the company not for its on-line streaming music service, not just for its flamboyant execs (Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine) or just for the Beats brand itself, but most likely because Apple need to build a cool headset to work with the upcoming iWear.

Why a headset? Because it’ll be absolutely awkward to listen to the iWear using its built-in speaker, remember Galaxy Gear? Yeah, Samesung thought it’s alright but in the real world use it’s not.

It’s most likely will be a bluetooth ear-piece, small enough and unintrusive to use. Think of that ear-piece used by Theodore Twombly in her movie, yup that kind.

Tim Cook says it best, indeed only Apple can pull-off something like this and get it right. If just October can come sooner…


I decided to use the iWear moniker instead of the most popular known as: iWatch, nothing is certain and I’m more comfortable this way.

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