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It all hint to the iWear

September 6, 2014

David Pierce reviews the Moto’s Hint:

The Hint is about the size of a peanut, and nestles entirely in your ear; it looks astonishingly like the earpiece Joaquin Phoenix’s character wears throughout Her, a fact that’s not lost on anyone at Motorola. And the intention is very much the same: you’re not meant to put it in and take it out, but to wear it all the time.

Told you it would come to this, I won’t be surprised if Apple release something like this at tomorrow’s September 9th event.

It’s strange how leaks of the iPhone 6 parts are flooding the internet, but not even one of the iWear’s can be found, my best guess is it still in a prototype phase as we speak. Like the original iPhone back in 2007, where Steve Jobs had to prepare several iPhones on stage just in case. Also, this way Apple can make sure nothing leaks out of its fortress of secrecy, making a really huge splash for the iWear first introduction.

Can’t wait.

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