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Ars Technica reviews the Moto 360

September 9, 2014

Ron Amadeo:

The sad news is that, while the company mostly nailed the exterior design, Motorola totally dropped the ball when it comes to the internal components. Somehow, it managed to dig up a batch of crusty old OMAP 3 SoCs for its flagship watch. The 2010-era processor is old, slow, inefficient, and power hungry. Couple that with a 320mAh battery and we get around half the runtime of other Android Wear devices.

Ron keep saying this at least a couple of time, both underlining how essential the guts of a wearable device impacted the battery life and also how we (him in particular) feels being cheated; it only look good on the outside but it’s the other way around inside. Seems like Motorola rushed its smartwach out of the gate before Apple does tomorrow, It’s a pig with lipstick.

This instantly reminds me of a rumor of Apple’s upcoming iWear from NYT:

The device’s circuit board, which includes its sensors and chips, was described as tiny, about the size of a postage stamp.

Now that’s more like it, it’ll definitely save a lot of power and prolong its battery life. If, now this is still a big if, if someone can really pull a marvelous engineering such as this then it’s only Apple who can. I’m hoping Phil Schiller will say his mantra once more on the stage of the event tomorrow: “Can’t innovate anymore, my ass.”

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