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BlackBerry Passport got a bad review from the Verge

September 25, 2014

Dan Seifert writing for The Verge:

For all that BlackBerry has done to make the Passport a productivity tool, its design felt like it was fighting me more often than it was helping me. Between the awkward dimensions and odd keyboard layout, I never felt comfortable with the Passport in my hands and never felt comfortable getting work done on it. Being comfortable with your tools is essential for a Power Pro: it should get out of my way and just let me get done what I need to get done. Too often, the Passport didn’t get out of my way.

Dan actually said it again at almost the end of his writing, saying about how the Passport is hindering his work instead of getting it done.

It’s really funny to compare Dan’s review of the Passport with the one which Bla1ze from CrackBerry has wrote, such a stark contrast of tone and the bottom line.

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