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Face ID is Apple’s Get Out of the Jail Card

January 7, 2018

During an interview with T3’s Dan Grabham, Phil Schiller said this about Face ID:

Schiller acknowledges that Apple “knew what we had” with Touch ID and that it knew what it had created with the home button through the years. “We knew it was no small thing to decide to replace that.”

I believe Apple made the decision to replace Touch ID with Face ID when it was facing a very heated debate on resisting FBI request to unlock a terrorist’s iPhone, it was a decisive stand that tore the nation’s (and world wide’s) view on digital security into two opposite factions.

Touch ID is clearly a more secure encryption login protocol for the iPhone, while Face ID is less secure as proven by many twin siblings around the world who have posted their own review of Face ID on YouTube.

It gets worse, Face ID is said can be tricked not just by twins, but also with a very pricey 3D printed mask. Of course Apple’s engineers will work tirelessly to correct the Face ID algorithm to avoid such trick, but 3D printing technology is also fast improving and gets cheaper in years to come.

Even with all of the loopholes in Face ID, Apple seems to commit in Face ID and will replace Touch ID in all of the iPhone lineups. After that happen, it’s only a matter of time until all of Apple’s devices like the Macs, iPads, iPods, etc. will also get Face ID.

I have a hunch that will happen, here’s why:

On the case of the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone 5c; it was locked using PIN numbers not Touch ID, so the FBI had to force-hack it. What if it has Touch ID, then it’ll a lot easier, just a touch of the shooter’s finger to unlock it. What if in another case of a terrorist attack the body is lost or blown to pieces with no luck of a fingerprint? Which in a bomb attack, the terrorists are often use his/her own body to carry the bomb and explode it. This is when Face ID comes to the rescue.

Usually, the police or FBI can get a hold of the terrorists photo, or if lucky enough a mug shot. Using the advancing 3D print technology, they can easily make a mask that is similar enough to the terrorist’s face to unlock the Face ID.

The FBI or police or the government can get what they want in the locked iPhone, and Apple will not be bothered or forced to hack the iPhone anymore. It’s a big win for Apple, who will keep facing the dilemma of keeping login credentials secure from the government or help the government catch bad guys. This is why Apple needed Face ID to be successful and accepted fast enough by users so all of the iPhones in the world will soon use Face ID.

That’s also why Apple is so heavily advertise on the new Face ID, as secure or good enough as the Touch ID, and most importantly fun to use.

It’s Apple’s special skill, inherited from its famous late CEO: Steve Jobs, to use bling and marketing genius to hide obvious new technology advantages (flaws, if you prefer) like we’ve seen in many of Apple’s products launch.

I won’t lie that I do love the Animoji, and so is everyone who have bought the iPhone X.

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