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Welcome, and thank you for visiting my blog.

Some might get the wrong idea whenever he/she read the title of this blog, so allow me to get it straight first; have you ever read a news in a long article and you said to yourself like, “Whoa, why is the author missed to dig in further to this particular issue, instead go on to discuss another?” It feels like something is missing. It feels like a thirst in your throat isn’t satisfied yet and needed to be quenched further. But hey, life goes on and another passes by so we tend to forget about it anyway. Yet what you have left behind usually will still aggravates you even as of today.

This is the blog that I’ll use to scratch that itch of mine, whenever I read something and feels like a certain issue hasn’t been discussed enough. Well, not every one of them. I’m not that meticulous kind of person, nope. I wish..

And that reminds me of what’s up with the blog’s main picture up there, it’s simply because when I’m about to start this blog, a meticulous and a remarkable visionary leader of a technology company that I (and all of us) admired so much has just announced his resignation. Which sent a massive shock wave across geek world, including myself. The picture is my tribute to him, one of my role models that I look up to. I for one, always wanted to be that kind of passionate person.

And what will I talk about in this little blog site? Mostly is about technology surrounding computers and mobile devices, but one in particular is about Apple. Hope you’ll enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it.


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